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Spray Tanning Services in Palo Alto California

Services at Always Summer

Let’s beautify the world together! And, that’s not a mere word of mouth. It’s a promise from us. When you trust us with any of our services, we bend backward to exceed your expectations. And that’s what makes our clients come back to us, again and again, and again. Currently, we are offering these exquisite, high-quality services.

Original Tan

​Full Body Spray Tan                    60
Upper or Lower                            32

Face                                                 10

Bronzer solution allows you to see the results of your tan immediately after application. Go for a healthy glow, a light tan, a medium tan, or go dark!

Shower in 8 hours

Clear Tan

​Full Body Spray Tan                    65
Upper or Lower                            34

Face                                                 12

Perfect selection for clients who do not want to draw attention , and since it does not contain bronzer, you will not experience any residue on your clothes!

Shower in 8-10 hrs.

No transfer of color

Speed Tan

​Full Body Spray Tan                    69
Upper or Lower                            36

Face                                                 15

For our last minute tanners who need results in 2-4 hours. We will adjust the color based upon your skin type and how dark you want to be.

Shower in 4 hours

For a sunless spray tan that gives you a beautiful, natural color that complements your skin tone and never leaves you orange, try a golden Brazilian spray tanning session with Always summer.

Instead of using an automated booth to apply your airbrush tan, one of our trained technicians will apply your tan using handheld airbrushing equipment. Our paraben free spray tanning solution is all natural, with organic ingredients, and contains vitamins A and E, aloe vera, antioxidants and collagen to give you healthier skin as well as a sexy, even tan.

With a sunless spray tan from Always summer, you can enjoy a healthy glow any time of the year, without the harmful effects of UV rays. An airbrush tan can be a special treat before you go on vacation, on your honeymoon, to a family or high school reunion, to the prom, or for any other special occasion -- or just to indulge yourself. Book your sunless tanning session with Always Summer today!

Tanning Packages

Original Tan

​3 Full Body Spray Tan 165 | 55ea
5 Full Body Spray Tan 250 | 50ea

Clear Tan

3 Full Body Spray Tan 180 | 60ea
5 Full Body Spray Tan 275 | 55ea

Speed Tan

3 Full Body Spray Tan 192 | 64ea
5 Full Body Spray Tan 295 | 59ea


Tan 2 x per month

​Use any of our tanning signatures, any days of the week


Tan 4 x per month

​Use any of our tanning signatures, any days of the week


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