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Before and Aftercare for Your Skin

Our expertise and high quality products will guarantee you a glowing tan.

Before your Tan

Exfoliate your body the day before your sunless tanning session. We recommend that you shower before you come in.

Do not apply any lotions, deodorants, perfumes or make-up of any kind before your spray tan session as they will adversely affect the evenness of your airbrush tan.

Wax 24 hours before your appointment.

Complete any shaving, facials, manicures and pedicures before your tanning session.

Please be sure to have dark, loose fitting clothing to wear after your tanning session. Wear a dark colored swimsuit or lingerie to be tanned in. Women may opt for a no tan lines option; men, however, are required to wear a swimsuit or boxer. The tan does rub off and is washable in most material, but be careful, lace, nylon, wool, and silk fabrics are not encouraged.

After your Tan

Avoid showering, sweating, and exposure to water for eight to ten hours after your tanning session.

Remember, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, chlorine, and very long hot showers can accelerate exfoliation and thus fade your tan.

The first time you shower, you'll see a lot of color washing off. Don't worry; you are not losing your tan! This is just the cosmetic bronzer that was applied. What is left behind is a beautiful, sunless tan.

Moisturize the entire body twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. Hydrating your skin is essential in keeping your tan alive, and is the secret to maintaining a beautiful and longer lasting tan.

  • How does airbrush tanning work?
    The key ingredient in airbrush tanning is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). This colorless sugar is behind the magic in the tanning process. DHA reacts with proteins in the outer layer of the skin. During this reaction, a browning process occurs that leaves the skin looking very similar to a natural tan. You can choose the shade of your tan, as well as a bronzer option. Bronzer will provide immediate tanning results, while the clear solution application requires eight to twelve hours to become fully developed. Please note that you may see color washing off during your first shower after the application process. You are not losing the tanning effect! This is merely a remnant of the bronzer solution.
  • How does the application process work? How long does it take?
    We use handheld airbrushing equipment instead of automated booths. This allows us to provide a more natural looking, customized result. The initial application takes about twenty minutes followed by a five-minute drying application. After the initial application, we recommend waiting eight to twelve hours before showering to give the solution time to fully process.
  • Who applies the tanning solution?
    Any one of our certified thoroughly trained technicians.
  • What should I wear during my tanning session?
    If you are a woman, you may wear your own lingerie, bathing suit, or one of our disposable thongs. Also, you may opt for no tan lines at all! Men are required to wear underwear or a swimsuit, and there are no exceptions.
  • Can I UV tan as well as Samba Glow airbrush tan?
    Yes, just remember that you still have to apply sunscreen with SPF protection. Our solution does not contain any sunscreen protection, and your skin is still vulnerable to the sun's harmful UV rays.
  • Is spray tanning for all ages?
    Yes, however, we do require the signature of a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18.
  • Are there any unpleasant side effects to spray tanning?
    Our spray solution is not sticky, has no scent, and it will not make you orange!
  • Can anyone spray tan?
    Spray tanning is suitable to most people. However, we suggest that pregnant women consult a physician before a tanning session. Also, note that our bronzer solution contains a walnut extract that may cause a reaction in those who have any known nut allergy. Some of the ingredients in our solution contain a sugar base. Use of sunless tanning cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Please consult with a physician before using if you have a diabetic condition.
  • How long can I expect my tan to last?
    Normally, the process will last five to seven days. It depends on yours activities and skin type. The body is constantly shedding skin cells, and this process varies from individual to individual. Moisturizing with hydrating lotion often will help your tan last longer.
  • How to care for my tan?
    No matter the reason you are treating yourself to Always Summer tan, preparation and maintenance of your skin are the keys to achieving that golden California tan. Always Summer uses products that contain aloe vera, vitamins A and E, collagen, and antioxidants and are free from harmful chemicals or preservatives. Men and women of all ages and skin types result in the benefits of our our popular California tans. Begin your Always Summer tan with a complimentary pre-hydration treatment and then choose how dark you want your tan. Choose from our popular add on treatments such as the Shimmer Elixir for a shimmery sheen or the Scent Elixir for a bit of fragrance. Going on vacation? Always Summer recommends you get your spray tan as close to your vacation as possible to achieve optimum results. Celebrating a special event? Plan your tan 2 days before your event or wedding day so you can look and feel your best!
  • What to do before sunless tanning?
    Whether you are coming to us for a vacation tan or a wedding spray tan all over, take care of the following things. Do's First of all, we recommend you exfoliate your body 24 hours earlier than your tanning session. We encourage you to shower before your spray tan session so you can achieve the best results. Also, it’s a better idea to get your wax done, 1-2 days ahead of your appointment. Many of our clients often prefer our Brazilian wax services, and so, they come to us hassle-free for the whole process. Don'ts Do not apply any body makeup, or self-tanning lotions when you come for your tanning visit.
  • What to do after sunless tanning?
    Drink a lot of water; keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. This helps you enjoy your best spray tan for longer periods than you had expected. Do's Take care of your body and your tan. Take showers with mild water. You can also get your hands on our rich, tan extender lotions if you’re going for a vacation or a work-out challenge for 20-30 days. Don'ts Avoid hot baths, chlorine swimming pools, and excess exposure to the sun. don’t worry – your tan won’t wash away. With your first and second bath, you may see a high color, but that’s just cosmetic. What stays is your most awaited accessory a beautiful golden tan. That’s called being happy in your own skin. Happy tanning!
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